Spunea cineva ca tenisul e un drum lung si ca nu te poti opri la jumatate de drum.  Vara asta, dupa vacanta din Grecia am avut sansa sa-l avem pe Nadin antrenindu-l pe Andrei. Nu a fost usor, nivelul sau scazuse brusc cu 40% datorita picioarelor uitate la superbele plaje din Grecia.  Acea ora si jumatate de pregatire intensa cu Nadin uneori a trebuit sacrificata datorita unei performante supbar de-a Stelarului, complet nepregatit in cursul zilei, adica alimentat necorespunzator si pregatit pentru acel efort deosebit de dupa-amiaza. Au fost si sesiuni reusite, si intors de la Cincy, Andrei a capatat un nou suflu, pe care sincer nu-l mai credeam posibil. Incepuse sa urmareasca meciuri, sa analizeze jucatori.

Agenda competitionala a fost foarte necrutatoare, el trebuind sa cistige meciuri in fiecare din competiile din Midwest la care a fost inscris, altfel riscind ratarea calificarii la urmatoarele evenimente si practic a intregului an competitional! Inca nepregatit suficient, cu doar 5-6 ore pe saptamina maxim la activ, el a cistigat minimul de meciuri la turneele de L2 si L3 si a cistigat citeva locale, esentiale si ele.

Insa surpriza totala s-a produs la turneul de saptamina asta, de la Grand Rapids. Foarte matur, a inteles ca e rindul lui sa se motiveze si sa performeze constant bine. Pina acum, la niciun turneu important nu a jucat vreodata constant bine. Au meciuri bune dar sigur acompaniate de meciuri ratate, din motive diverse.

Voi face o istorie lunga scurta. Andrei a jucat exceptional, a cistigat 3 meciuri, iar pe ultimul l-a pierdut la limita, in dauna unui adversar cotat mult mai sus decit el, si cu aproape doua puncte mai mult in clasamentul UTR. Pregatirea asidua din vara a inceput sa dea roade, intr-un timp record.  Insa ce a jucat acolo, OMG, antrenorul de la MI State a afirmat ca ‘Yes, Andrei IS a player’

Tenisul lui a fost absolut incintator, si pur si simplu ma declar nepregatit pentru varianta ca Andrei ar dori sa joace la nivel mai inalt, eu impachetasem…  Insa astazi a aratat ca pentru el the sky is the limit! Si cit de reconfortant poate fi sa vezi ca Andrei e sursa de inspiratie pentru juniori din intreaga lume!

Enjoy, la sfirsit este supertiebreak-ul pe muchie de cutit integral, :




LE. Acum se explica modul la care rachetele alea, racordajele alea de 50 de dolari bucata, nu rezistau mai mult de doua ore, la antrenamentele cu Nadin…

  • Doctor Z

    Nelu sa jure cu mina pe Biblia asta, Cartea Cartilor, ca Andrei e de UTR 9, adica asa simte el…

    • CG

      Am vazut doar primele 3 minute si ceva, sunt placut impresionat de ce-am constatat acolo, imbunatatiri evidente la toate capitolele. Abia astept sa urmaresc si restul hagiografiei ca sa-mi exprim o parere mai elaborata (o las pe dupa-amiaza, acum ma cheama prim-secretaru’ la colhoz, incepe campania de toamna).

      Nu stiu daca Nelu mai intra pe aici, el are bigger fish to fry, va trebui sa-ti calci pe mandrie si sa-l rogi sa-si arunce un ochi;)…

      • Doctor Z

        El deja a spus ca nu se va uita, citez, el nu se uita la jucatori de 9. Mișto e ca a vrut sa puna pariu ca ala il bate pe Andrei cu lebede max, iar eu am refuzat, ca la 8 dimineata ma astept la alt Andrei pe teren. Not so fucking bright!

  • Doctor Z

    Iata si analiza turneului deosebit de weekendul asta, e in engleza, imi cer scuze, in epistola catre amicul meu caruia ii scriu despre Andrei:

    Hi Eric,

    Here’s a nice story about the L3 tournament this weekend.

    Well, Andrei played some serious tennis with Nadin this
    summer, don’t know if I emailed to you the clip, here you go:


    It’s hard to find such a good practice partner. So I was
    wondering whether Andrei would gain something out of that practice cause half of the
    sessions were really challenging for him, either playing already too tired or
    did not preparing at all (food, etc.) But Cincy was really interesting for
    him. Working very hard over there he got immersed in that atmosphere and kinda
    liked it. He felt sorry we had to get back midweek, but that was his choice
    from the beginning. Anyways, I liked how he started to watch some matches back
    home and getting more curious about tennis. Environment is everything…

    This L3 was again very important. He needs all the points he
    could get to advance in the rankings to be able to qualify for the next USTA
    Midwest events and eventually to Nationals, to stay competitive. So far he
    managed to secured enough points to get access to the next event. But now the
    stake is higher, the L1 in November. Being ranked around #150 it’s still
    questionable, draw of 64, but who would not go there? Maybe the Top20 who will
    be aging up…

    So, this tournament was critical. There is one more L3,
    extremely critical, 2 weeks from now, it’s UTR based, and the points are
    doubled, for some reason.

    His section of the draw did not look that encouraging. He is
    UTR 9.06 and he was supposed to play with a UTR 9.0 But the other kid lost at
    zero to important players, UTR>10, which I assume Andrei belongs to. So did
    not do much homework, almost waiting for the second round match, Seed #6, good
    friend of him, but a solid…pusher, moving wall, UTR11….There is a reason his
    UTR is so high, the reason is that is very hard to beat him.

    This was a compass draw, great opportunity to play some higher
    UTRs and increase his.

    This…kid..Well, he was a Junior, a lefty. I was shocked from
    the beginning of his UTR. NO WAY he could be that low, a solid 10 in my
    opinion, at least. The match looked like a mini-match between Fed and Nadal. That kid
    targeting relentesly Andrei’s backhand while Andrei counter-punching. I still
    cannot believe such a high quality match it was. At 1st set it was
    an incident, very similar to a match weeks ago when Andrei was cheated on a
    critical point. 5-5 Andrei hit an ace on the line, the boy called it out. Andrei
    try to challenge him, called stood (of course) and he hit a double. Smacking a
    ball in the fence, and the racket, ref close by, giving him a code violation, lost the game
    then. Playing upset he lost the next game and the set. I was pretty upset.
    Andrei played very very well up to that point and the boy was honest, no doubt.
    NO WAY he needed to lose his temper, even though was a critical game. I made
    him repeatedly the sign to calm down and he did. He showed up on the second set
    in a reset mode. The match was outstanding, Andrei won second set 6-3, but the
    match already lasted for 2 hours!

    I looked forward for the coaching after split sets. I told him that the boy does
    not have his experience, he is only a good defense player if is not given
    opportunity to attack his backhand, cross-court. Andrei went back, did the right thing and
    calmly won 10-5. Such a relief, the first round win gives you so many points!

    An hour later he played the next player. Andrei played very well
    again, up to 4-4 and 40-0 but somehow managed to lose his serve… He was tired,
    the opponent use all his power and skyed the ball with topspin, and Andrei
    missed first most of the time. But Andrei was patient, he played composed and
    the match lasted another 90 minutes, even though the score was drastic, 6-4;6-0
    Half of the games on the second set Andrei had game points…

    Then he played doubles with MI States’ son. They won the first
    match but lost the second to a much more experience players. He was impressed of Andrei’s game altogether, he said: ‘Andrei IS a player’.

    So 6 hours of quality tennis for the day. Mission accomplished.

    Sunday he played the first match on the North draw, against
    a 9.55 player (I found this gauge, UTR very useful). So a higher ranked player.
    Andrei played again very well and the first set he won 6-1. Second set he got tired at 3-3 so I had to encourage him, showing him to stay alert, and finally he beat the kid 6-1; 6-3. Extremely
    good for his next update of the UTR numbers.

    Second match he played his fellow Romanian player,

    In this match, Andrei had a message, he was determined
    to play solid. His opponent got injured at 2-4 and withdrew. This is the first time when Andrei wins this way.. In over 500 matches…

    OK, so far so good. Andrei won already 3 matches, lots of
    points to ease our fear that he won’t play next events…

    But the next match, the semis of the North draw… OMG, he
    played a 10.7 player, solid player, and a player who loves pace, like Andrei. I
    was looking for that match. Andrei was prepared for the match. I told him the goal
    is to play well, and win as many games as possible to increase his UTR.

    So the match was a real gem. UNBELIEVEBLE level of play. I
    select in the clip 80 points, more than two thirds of the points were quality
    points. Andrei was so dynamic, so motivated, it was so refreshing to watch him.
    They split the sets, 6-4 and 4-6. I knew the pressure was on the other boy,
    cause he got used with Andrei to lose and lose and lose… But now Andrei is a
    different animal. I have never seen him playing constantly well ALL the matches
    of the tournament. I was blown away, cause we almost gave up, me noticing his
    lack of dedication to push himself properly.

    So the match was such a high quality, I taped all the points
    in the super-tiebreak. Andrei had a 8-5 lead, missed 2 returns but had a
    matchpoint (19:56 in the clip). Natan shows why is Top 50 in Midwest, he
    served an ace on the ‘T”!

    It’s 9-9. Andrei knows the deal. He needs to focus, return
    well, put spin on the ball and construct points, don’t rush anything! He
    returns a heavy spin and Nathan misses! Another match point! (21:25) But Andrei
    serves now, so he would have an edge. He serves well, he charges the backhand
    twice, but the second time he leans backwards and miss it. It’s 10-10. Serves
    well again, it’s a long rally, beautiful controlled by Andrei who forces the opponent
    to miss it!. Now it’s 11-10 Andrei at 22:42 Nathan serves and volley, Andrei
    slices it, then both get closer to the net, drama still unfolds, Andrei slices
    a lob and watch at 22:50! Instead of getting ready for the next shot, he prays the
    shot not to be out, leaning on his racket! Instead of getting that racket up
    and staying in athletic position! The ball lands in, Natan turns over and hit a
    cross, surprising a bit Andrei who misses the winning volley!!

    23:05, Natan serves wide and Andrei misses the return….

    And 23:55 Andrei serves at his first matchpoint…down… Misses the first but hits well the second, lots of spin. Neutral return, Andrei takes control of the point. He starts with
    a FH cross, Natan changes direction, wisely. From the first Andrei’s backhand
    he seizes the momentum, gets around his backhand, gets lower and charge the
    backhand even more. 24:18 really nice defense BH from Andrei, cross-court, and
    they are positioned in sharp angles, snapshot at 24:21. A couple of more
    tactical FH on his backhand, and the last one is sharply wide forcing Andrei to
    slice, 24:27… The slice lands short, and the inevitable inside-out punishing
    forehand comes, expectedly, Andrei tries a BH passing shot but the opponent blocks
    it with a volley on the open court, almost missed though…


    What a match, what a lasting experience it was…

    So I was totally unprepared to see Andrei playing so well,
    with such good players in a tournament. He looks now relaxed and motivated
    again, so we look forward to see him plauing in he next tournaments.

    What do you think Eric, how would you rate his performance
    and where do you think the match was lost…

    Here is the clip:




  • Doctor Z

    Aligatoru, stii ce urasc eu cel mai mult la români? Neseriozitatea.

    Chiar asteptam sa vad cam ce ar mai fi de spus negativ despre tenisul lui Andrei. Do me a huge favor. NU mai anunta contributii glorioase aici si apoi dispari ca magarul in ceață sa tai frunze la dulăi. Sau poate te-ai molipsit de la amicul nostru comun care nu e interesat sa vada Biblia fiindca, citez din stenograma: ‘nu ma pot prostitua cu 9’ (by the way, this one I will never forget).

  • Месть центра Гоголя

    Ma plimbai azi prin Fazanarie sa vaz in ce ciprianisme se dau in barci pe acolo CocoSum si Jeorgel cel tembel (na ca mi s-a luat de la CocoSum).
    Si cand colo ce vaz? Opera lui CocoSum catre HaHaHalep. Dar a brodit-o. Si zic ca nu poate fi CocoSum. Ala e prea prost. Sigur e mana lui Herr Gelmin, zic. Si atunci am inteles. Prosti mai furam. Ne duse asta de nas! Gelmin si CocoSum sunt unul si acelasi. Unu la mana: cica stau unul langa altul in Germanica lor. Amandoi fac pe puietii. Gelmin se pricepe la versuri. CocoSum e mai prost.Acum e clar ca intentionat e prost. Amandoi se plang ca au copii bolnavi. Amandoi sunt cu muzica idioata si filme de snobi cretini. Mai mult, cand ala de in spatele lor oboseste retrage cate unul din ei. Cand pleaca Gelmin, cand se supara CocoSum. E greu sa controlezi doua marionete. Sau cine stie cate mai are. Nici Profesorul nou aparut si Pinguinu nu cred ca sunt departe. Poate se uita Doctorul la IP-uri.
    Gelmin scrie aici un text voit agramat. Cu ceva timp inainte CocoSum scrie la fel un text voit agramat catre Viking. Aici s-a dat de gol dar n-am vazut pana azi. Si de aia scrie CocoSum atat de pe telefon sau tableta. Pe PC e scrie cu Gelmin si pe telefon cu CocoSum.

    Dar diferentele sunt si mai interesante. CocoSum tipa sus si tare ca joaca tenis, ca are odrasla care joaca bla bla bla. Dar nu a scris un rand despre tenis vreodata.Nimic nimic nimic.
    Gelmin stie tenis si e interesat de junior tenis. Dar zice ca nu a jucat si nu joaca tenis. Nu pusca!

    Eu sunt sigur ca e doar unul. Foarte probabil platit de Toca sa faca trafic acolo.
    Bai CG. Tu ii ai pe toti la index. Ia spune, e asa sau nu? I-ai vazut la moaca?

    • Doctor Z

      OK, fiindca esti pitoresc iti ramine mesajul. Dar next one il machiezi bine, fara epitete exagerat de jignitoare si Toca e…dl. Toca sau Adrian, de ex. indiferent ce parerea ai tu sau oricine despre el. Asta ca sa nu spun ca noi preferam sa discutam cit mai putin despre redactorii de Dincolo, ca sa fim stress free. OK, deal si cu tine?

  • Doctor Z

    Cum asta este si un site educational, sa punem un comment la clipul cu Andrei:

    ‘As a qualified tennis coach i would advise Andrei to put most of his focus on strength and conditioning. He has great control, composure and tactical skills all he is missing is the speed and leg drive and at 15 he is about to shoot up like a bean stalk. If he really wants to be a tennis pro he needs to train hard so he can play easy. There was a 15 year old kid who was considered to have the best conditioning for his age, he could never hit the ball like a rocket or drop big bombs but when he turned 16 he proved fitness and speed can trump skill when he beat Andre Agassi. His name was Llyeton Hewitt. Skipping rope, medicine ball and some passion everyday is all you need.’

    Nelu cum sta cu batistele oare…

    • Lawrence

      Poate nu-ti vine sa crezi si nici nu vreau sa ma dau mare, dar exact aceleasi lucruri as fi vrut sa le spun si eu in ceea ce priveste minusurile. Acum intrebarea este cum ai fi primit tu aceste observatii venind din partea mea sau a altora de aici!?
      In rest ce sa spun, tenisul lui mi-a placut mult, intotdeauna, iar acum cu atat mai mult. Progresele sunt evidente.
      Eu ti-am mai spus ca o data cu varsta se pot schimba multe si nu este vorba doar de ani ci chiar de luni. Fiecare varsta este o etapa, iar fizicul si psihicul pot capata cu totul alte valente.

      • Doctor Z

        Inseamna ca ai potential 🙂

  • Lawrence

    Trebuie totusi sa tii cont si de matchup.
    Andrei a avut aici un adversar bun, dar care intr-o anumita masura i s-a potrivit ca stil.
    La meciul urmator daca va da de unul care loveste mai puternic si cu un stil diferit si ii ia multe game-uri lui Andrei, nu inseamna ca trebuie sa te dai de ceasul mortii si sa decalibrezi iar balanta sperantei de viitor.
    Eu iti spun sa ai rabdare pana la 18 ani cel putin si pe langa rabdare multa munca, seriozitate si entuziasm mereu viu pentru Andrei si pentru tine! 😉

    • Doctor Z

      Well, aici nu prea vezi tu the full picture…Da, mersi si de support, dar ce vede Doctorul nu prea vede nimenea. Ce se vede in clipuri e talentul lui. De aici si pina la profesionism e cale lunga. El trebuie sa constientizeze ca pregatirea fizica trebuie sa fie draconica (de aia inca ma mai incinta college tennis, ca aia nu se joaca, au 3 ore de pregatire zilnica, obligatorie, asta pe linga scoala!) si ca nici tat’su, nici ma-sa, nici nimenea nu au timp sa-l duca zilnic la pregatiri cu fitness coach. De luna viitoare are masina si va trebui sa se descurce. Avem club world class de fitness, cu tot ce vrei in el, plus inot, alpinism, sauna, etc. Acasa ii pot pune in pivnita ce aparate vrea el. Dar nene, cind VREI, you mean it! Lui nu-I place sa se antreneze. Si maninca aiurea. Lui ii place sa joace. Not bad dar din pacate vremea lui Nastase a apus. Force be with him, pe Doctor nu-l pacalesc clipurile lui de pe youtube, asa biblice cum sunt. Oricum, no way e de UTR9, asa cum se roaga Nelu, asta-i clar, poate juca de la egal la egal cu orice 12, si o va demonstra cit de curind.

      • Lawrence

        Dar spune-mi si mie cate rachete are Andrei de 4 dintre ele sunt cu racordajul rupt in acelasi timp? 😉

        • Doctor Z

          Well, asta a fost tot tilcul la poza asta. Rachetele au fost racordate cu Luxilon 4G pe mains – poly cel mai scump pe piata, deci cel mai rezistent fara a-si pierde proprietatile si Babolat Nat Gut pe crosses – cel mai playble cordaj posibil. Deci asta e combinatie exceptionala. Ne asteptam ca dupa multe ore sa se rupa cel mai moale cordaj, adica matzul natural. Ei bine, al treilea din poza, de la stinga, a tinut 8 ore. Dupa asta a jucat cu Nadin si s-au rupt dupa doua ore prima si o ora celelalte doua. Practic, si surprinzator, poliesterul era stantat de nat gut. El nu s-a rupt de la spin ci de la forta enorma aplicata asupra poliesterului. Asadar conteaza si cu cine joci, ca eu de exemplu nu rup un cordaj natural decit la citeva luni bune. La Andrei s-a suprapus forta mingilor lui Nadin cu counter-punchingul lui ( se vede si in clipul de la antrenamente), fapt care i-a uimit pina si pe aia de la racordaje, ca n-au mai vazut asa ceva. Dupa asta am vrut sa mai dam o sansa racordajului asta hibrid, folosit si de profesionisti, inainte de a incerca ceva mai dur dar care nu tne tensiunea atit de bine ca 4G ( dintre poli). Andrei n-a mai jucat de atunci cu Nadin ci a jucat turnee, a rupt doar un cordaj dupa 10 ore. Deci asta este, forta egal masa inmultit cu acceleratia, eu la Fizica n-am fost diletant…

  • Doctor Z

    Profesoru’, am o intrebare, ce-i aia o racheta Head Heavy sau una Head Light.

    In alta ordine de idei, sa-l felicitam pe Nelu pentru o performanta remarcabila, Sarpele a ajuns pina in sferturile unui ITF de G2, la prima participare! Cu citeva performante similare el va putea accede chiar la turnee de G1. E drept, el n-a cistigat inca niciun G5 insa cu siguranta o va face la G1, are un potential urias!

    • neo

      Ce, incepe sesiunea de toamna pentru profesori? 🙂

      • Doctor Z

        Sesiune de definitivat pe post 🙂

  • Doctor Z


    Uite, esti norocos today, erai pe prima pagina la Fazani, deci ti-am vazut comentariul, deci pot sa te ajut (sper)

    ‘Care e diferenta, in opinia voastra, intre un counter-puncher si un pusher, if any? Dar intre un pusher si un moonballer? Dar vreau si ceva detalii tehnice, daca se poate, nu doar exemple concrete…’

    Counter-puncher vs pusher vs moonballer.

    Pai sa-i definim.

    Pusher. Este jucatorul care foloseste forta adversarului, blocheaza mingea in sus, cu risc minim. Mingea mergind in sus e dificil de atacat si esti in situatia de sah etern in care atactorul va pierde de fapt, fiindca va gresi primul.

    Pusherii sunt de doua feluri, cei mici ( pina la 14 ani), numiti si moonballers si cei mari, acolo unde pushareala se face cu cap, adica se imprima si spin, care face si mai dificil atacul decisiv al adversarului.

    Acum sa desenam. Mai jos e un exemplu tipic de moonballer (aici atacatorul a pierdut cu 6-0;6-0 meciul acesta:


    Cum sa-l bati? Cumva trebuie sa iei mingea in urcare si sa vii la fileu:


    Pushareala ‘eficienta, dupa 14 ani implica spinul, scazut totusi dar mai mult decit al unui moonballer. Caracteristica e insa aceesi, no raquet speed. La nivelul asta sunt mai bine de jumatate din juniorii ‘de top’, care sunt invatati sa frece minge ape teren, in asteptarea greselii adversarilor. Nu e o arma in ATP, dar in WTA inca da…

    Varianta ‘pozitiva’ a acestui tenish este transformarea Nadal, adica jucatorul care tine mingea in teren cu bolta insa cu killer spin, care transforma jocul defensiv intr-unul ofensiv.

    Counter-puncher este jucatorul care stie sa reduca swingul, sa blocheze mingea rapid, fara spin, luind din timp adversarului, la capitolul asta Agassi a fost regele.

    • neo

      Tks for the effort.
      Il bagam deci pe Simon la pusheri si pe Nadal la moonballeri upgradati? Pe Kei il putem numi counter-puncher ori e mai mult de atat?

      P.S.: Am mai descoperit un termen. Cica toti astia poarta numele generic de lobbers…

      • Doctor Z

        Simon e mai mult counter puncher-pusher. Sa stii ca nici cu Murray nu mi-e rusine in tur cind il apuca letargia, el baga ceva spin dar le da a dracului de scurt, bafta lui e ca mai toti ii stiu de frica si nu-l ataca fiindca e sinucidere curata. Nadal e Nadal, el nu poate fi pusher oricit de sus ar da mingile, fiindca mingile lui ard la contactul cu solul. Nishikori e un jucator impresionant, prin progres mai ales, pacat ca e neam de pescari-orezari cu gluten si nu-l tin suruburile pina in fazele finale. Chiar Wawa l-a batut araind o gramada de probleme. Insa vestea proasta pentru Nole e ca asta e singurul care poate sa-l bata, totul e sa se supere…

  • Doctor Z

    Cu drag de la Sealion – Stelar’s first car, c-asa-i in tenis divin…

    Infiniti G37, Limited Edition, 350 cai putere, daca eu primeam asa ceva la virsta lui cred ca leșinam…

  • Doctor Z

    Faza cool. Va mai amintiti cind povesteam istoria meciului, primul meci, de la ultimul turneu. Cum l-a furat ala la un as la 5-5, si a izbit o minge si apoi racheta in gard… S-a uitat el atunci la racheta si milc a tacut… Dupa care a jucat cu ea tot turneul, inclusive capodopera din ultimul meci.
    OK, duc rachetele la racordat si ma suna aia sa-mi spuna ca una e crapata si ca n-o vor racorda….
    Bineinteles am cumparat alta. Andrei imi spune ca rachetele sunt piece of shit, cica Babolaturile rezistau mai bine 🙂
    Cred si eu, alea erau jucarii de plastic, RF-urile astea nu-s pentru ghiolbani 🙂

  • Doctor Z

    Andrei, dupa inca un turneu jucat exceptional, cu cel mai important trofeu, The Sportsmanship Award, unul din 128 de participanti. Andrei este preferatul tururor, fair playul fiind primul lucru care si l-a insusit atunci cind a pus mina pe racheta.

    Despre turneu, a cistigat 4 meciuri, (din care trei impotriva la adversari cu utr mai mare), a pierdut doua, a scos un seed de 4stars din turneu si a jucat deosebit de bine pe toata durata turneului.